A poetry written by my daughter on my birthday 5 yrs back

To the man whom you can’t judge by the amount of hair on his forhead,
To the man who saves lives inspite of loads of bloodshed,
To the man who cracks such lame jokes which make you cry,
To the man whom you can’t hate no matter how hard you try,
To the man who ran from the bathroom, forgetting about pooping when I was born,
To the man who won’t stop wearing clothes which are faded and torn,
To the man who has always treated me like a princess,
To the man who’s moves are straight and planned like the elephant in the game of chess,
To the man who acts as a saviour when the home minister scolds,
To the man who manages to give us time inspite of his work being loads,
To the man who helps me with guy issues,
To the man who when I cry, is the first one to offer tissues,
To the man who kisses and hugs me inspite of be being the awkward child,
To the man who always brings dinosaur toys and legos for the other child who’s wild,
To the man who never allows me to travel by train,
To the man who always forgets Phoenix market city’s lane,
To the man who pampers his two little brats,
To the man who once helped me train two little cats,
To the man who’s obsessed with tobacco ban,
To the man who always allows me to buy a Pepsi can,
To the man who makes me feel secure when he’s around,
To the man for whom my love is profound,
To the man who’s my back bone,
To the man for whom my love is never shown,
To the man who’s a Bhaiya,
But still is as cool as Shah Rukh Khan in Chal chaiyaan chaiyaan (That was supposed to be funny, please laugh)
To the man who’ll always remain my first love,
To the man who keeps the house in peace, like the white dove,
I wish you the best year ahead,
With your problems as small as the hamsters you just fed,
A very very happy birthday,
I love you more than Amu loves dinosaurs, mumma loves cleanliness, Dadi loves Brahma Kumari and Baba loves his phone, this is all I want to say.

Published by Prof Pankaj Chaturvedi

Deputy Director, Center for Cancer Epidemiology, Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai. Professor, Department of Head Neck Surgery, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

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